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TERMS OF USE | ABOUT US | PRIVACY POLICY | SUPPORT © 2015-2019 Kakao Games Europe B.V. All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Black Desert Online, the next gen MMORPG You will sure fall in love with the beauty and cool aesthetics of the redesigned water festival area, so please enjoy this thrilling festival full of special quests and minigames. Also, don’t forget you can still gather your Black Crystal Shards all over the game world at a higher chance. Black Desert - PEARLABYSS

Black Desert Online Fishing Hot Spots and Golden Spots Guide by Legende Hot Spots (by some referred to as Golden Fishing Spots) are providing a very high chance to catch blue and golden fish.. edit: Since a few people have been wondering if they’ve found a new hot spot or not.First, yes you can catch the fish listed below in other places, however and this is the defining point: If you’re

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Dye? Ok, I am enjoying the game but I must say I am a little annoyed with merv's palet thing. Here is my question, can you find or make all the dyes ingame? I saw merv's palet and used it then all my dyed clothes disappeard when the timer ran out:(( Im not paying ten bucks to have things just vanish after...

After finishing my recent Hobo Gamer posts on Black Desert and ArcheAge, I couldn't help but find myself comparing the two games in what turned out to be a challenging struggle to crown a victor, and it sounds like I'm hardly alone in attempting to make the comparison.

Black Desert Online.Ok so i have spent countless pearls on Dye trying to get black, or even some dark grey would be good. I'm ok with spending the money, I enjoy the game and am happy to put cash into it.

Black Desert Online // How To Guide - The Dye System - YouTube I love Black Desert Online so far, but it does have somewhat of a step learning curve. That's where I step in, I'll be bringing you gamers and gamettes Tips, Trick's and How To's for Black Desert ... Black Desert Online, the next gen MMORPG House Furnishings Coupon. Choose furnishings to decorate your Residence! You can choose between Leather Furniture Set, Fleece Furniture Set, Python Furniture Set, Marble Flooring, Rhua Wood Flooring, Flagstone Flooring, Marble Wall, Plastered Wall, Dreaming Flower Wall, Picnic Day Wall, Venecil Chandelier (Fluorescent) and Crystal Chandelier (White).

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